Students understand how to glean (take away) and use information in procedural texts and documents.

3.15A follow and explain a set of written multi-step directions (recipes, directions to get from one destination to the next, etc.)
3.15B locate and use specific information in graphic features of text (students will study how the different features enhance/contribute to the reading)
Fig. 19 A establish purposes for reading selected texts based upon own or others’ desired outcome to enhance comprehension D make inferences about using text and use textual evidence to support understanding E summarize information in text, maintaining meaning and logical order

Procedural Texts (includes not only text that students need to read through carefully, but also graphic features like timelines, graphs, charts)
Addressed throughout the year in guided reading, Science, and Social Studies. Although procedural texts appear easy to read from a teacher’s perspective, many students often have difficulty understanding how to approach procedural text. Procedural text offers a great reason for students to focus on rereading – students often need to return to portions that were unclear, or to ensure that the fine details are attended. Teachers need to be sure they model not only the strategies for grappling with procedural text, but also why particular strategies are needed and when.

Day 1
Use the introductory lesson from writing....

Day 2
Read Procedural text on Earth's Forces models, model reading carefully and looking at the graphics, it may appear to be easy but students need specific practice on approaching text.

Day 3

Model using sequence boxes on chart paper for the glacier, make the glacier
Day 4
Use Volcano text

Week 2

Day 1 Text Structures Game, given to you, quiz, quiz trade

Day 2-5 In guided reading, read procedural text and also work on using various graphic organizer.
Work on science project and volcano project in writing,

Additional Resources
This is a passage that can be used with text features and text structures

Common Assessment:
No Ass in reading, writing ass